Premium Quality Knitted Fabric Production Process

Creative Textiles is primarily engaged in knitting apparel or knitting fabric. We have our own fabric knitting mills in Karachi Pakistan. Right now we are one of the leading fabric suppliers in the Ajman market and we are ambitious to fulfill knit fabric demand in UAE and Gulf countries.

Our rigorous manufacturing process is making us the No1 choice in knit fabric by every passing day. The process begins with yarn and ends with continuous fabric testing to ensure both innovation and the highest quality.

Dyeing and Testing

Our expertise in dyestuffs combined with familiarity of finishes allows us to manufacture fabrics for the most demanding applications. Anti-microbial, wicking, durable water repellents and other finishes are applied based on fabric performance requirements. Using state-of-the-art dye machines and frames, our fabrics meet the most rigorous requirements such as dimensional ability and torque.

Knitting & Finishing

Cotton Honey Comb, Cotton Dry Fit, polyester Dry Fit, Fleece, French terry, single knits /Single Jersey, double knits/Interlock, rib knits and many other fabrics are produced in our factory in Karachi. We select the proper machine gauge / cut and diameter to produce the desired fabric appearance and width. Our inspectors work 24 hours a-day to make sure that our fabrics meet quality and program specifications.

Yarn Selection

We are very Conscious Regarding yarn selection. Located in the heart of the textile country, we have the leading spinners of almost every yarn in Karachi. This location allows us to leverage our knowledge with that of our supply partners and fosters the development of new yarn blends and technologies.

Customized Fabric & Pantone Matching

You can approach us for the specific or customized fabric to fulfill client requirements. Our experienced fabric engineers have the ability to examine any knit fabric and determine  the yarn type, size, and fabric construction, allowing us to provide a quote to replicate the fabric.